Automatical Tool changer with Switchbox and electronic module

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Product Description

Automatic tool changer incl. Switch-Box

STEPCRAFT is the first desktop CNC system offering an automatic Tool Changer. The magazine contains five tool pockets (optionally extentable to up to ten tool pockets). Thus, it enables an automatic, comfortable and complex processing of complicated workpieces. Ideal for workpieces in small batch series.

The assembly is very easy: The  Tool Change Attachment is being tightend onto the spindle shaft which in turn is then being inserted into the 43 mm collar.

The tool is kept in a clamping system of an SK10 tool holder. This is being held in a draw-in collet using spring power and pneumatically released. The Tool Change Attachment contains an integrated sealing air which prevents the ingress of dust into its bearing and extents the life of the product.

With the Switch-Box the time-consuming connecting and disconnecting of the different devices is no longer necessary. It offers space for the connection of up to eight accessories which can then be easily selected and started right away. The electronics module of the automatic tool changer is already installed in this Switch-Box. The electronics module for the Tool Changer inkl. peumatic valve is completely pre-assembled and needs only to be inserted into the Switch-Box

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