Electric Paint 10ML

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Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint

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Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint

First of all, electric paint 10ml is just like any water-based paint, yet the electric paint it will conduct electricity! This means that you can paint wires or sensors onto any material around you, including paper, wood, plastic, and glass.

Also, electric paint 10ml Tube is perfect for small-scale projects where detail is important, or for painting, soldering or repairing small breaks. You will find it in some of our kits where creating a nice small circuit is necessary.

Nontoxic, solvent-free and water-soluble, Electric Paint 10ml tubes are great for prototyping and safe for makers of all ages.

Furthermore, it will be removed with soap and water.

Want to make it more intelligent? Try electric paint alongside microcontrollers like the Touch Board, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MaKey MaKey, or LilyPad.

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