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Product Description

LaserBot is a desktop laser engraver developed on Makeblock’s open-source platform. Equipped with 1.6W 445nm high power solid-state lasers, and cooperating with its software mLaser, LaserBot can easily engrave and cut many things for you, and help you to make surprises in daily life. For instance, making Christmas cards/birthday cards for your families, or engrave your honeymoon photos on the wood for decoration, etc

Engraving graphic display

LaserBot uses a beam of light to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials



; Simple but solid H-shaped structure –

;  High-precision anodized aluminum alloy –

;  Arduino compatible-

; User friendly software-



 1.6W 445nm semiconductor and Solid laser: The rotation speed of its high power laser head can reach up to 200mm/s, so that LaserBot is twice as efficient as XY Plotter (with Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack) . You will save more time to realize your ideas  Megapi: The powerful mainboard MegaPi brings you unprecedented experience of laser engraving. It not only has superpower to control various motors, but also very easy to use. Moreover, you can also combine it with Raspberry Pi to explore more
High-precision: Up to 0.1mm, carefully engraves every details.  Engraving area: Up to 383mm×367mm


mLaser: This is a new software for LaserBot, our DIY laser cutter. It includes both simple mode and expert mode for different levels of users. Also we simplified the operation and setting procedure to save more time. Therefore, it is so user friendly that everyone can use to control LaserBot



Goggles: Specifically designed Goggles for LaserBot to protect your eyes during laser engraving

Velcro sticker pad for Laser head: In order to avoid excessive scattering of laser, we specially designed Velcro sticker pad for Laser head. Only one step needed to install the Velcro sticker pad to laser head


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