Rotary 4th Axis with Three Jaw Chuck

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Product Description

Circular-Table for connection to the 4th axis module to engrave rings, to mill threads etc.

  • definite and accurate fixation of the work piece with ER16 collets.
  • definition of the zero via reference switch.
  • the counter bearing is the Tailstock.
  • ready for connection to the Stepcraft desktop systems also adequate to other machines.

You need also the optional 4th axis module.

Technical data:

height of spindle: 32 mm
height over all: 55 mm
width: 42 mm (without shaft)
with anti-backlash worm gear (adjustable), gear reduction 54:1
with Half-Step-Mode= 21.600Steps/Turn, 60Steps/°, 1Step=1´=60″
collets: ER16 (1-12 mm)
circular accuracy: 0,01 mm
nema 17 Stepper Motor with 3,0A 1,8°
housing: aluminium 7075
all rotating parts made of stainless steel
with reference switch
horizontal or vertical assembly
fixing by M6 screws


Scope of delivery:

  • complete circular table incl. clamping nut and fixing screws for horizontal assembly.
  • lenght of cable: 20 cm (on demand: longer with adequate plug for the 4th axis module).
  • with Half-Step-Mode= 21.600Steps/Turn, 60Steps/°, 1Step=1´=60″


وحدة دائرية الشكل تستخدم للاتصال بوحدة الاربعة اتجاهات لنقش الحلقات المراد نقشها في عدة اتجاهات مختلفة
اداة تثبيت قوية ودقيقة يمكن استخدامها مع قطعة  collets ER16
يمكنها الاتصال بأنظمة سطح المكتب Stepcraft أيضا مناسبة مع الأجهزة أخرى

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