Arduino Portenta Vision Shield – Ethernet

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The Portenta Vision Shield brings industry-rated features to your Arduino Portenta. This hardware add-on will let you run embedded computer vision applications, connect wirelessly or via Ethernet to the Arduino Cloud or your own infrastructure, and activate your system upon the detection of sound events.

The shield comes with:

  • a 320×320 pixels camera sensor: use one of the cores in Portenta to run image recognition algorithms using the OpenMV for Arduino editor
  • a 100 Mbps Ethernet connector: get your Portenta H7 connected to the wired Internet
  • two on-board microphones for directional sound detection: capture and analyse sound in real time
  • JTAG connector: perform low-level debugging of your Portenta board or special firmware updates using an external programmer
  • SD-Card connector: store your captured data in the card, or read configuration files

The Vision Shield Ethernet has been designed to work with the Arduino Portenta H7. The Portenta boards feature multicore 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ processors running at hundreds of megahertz, with megabytes of program memory and RAM. Portenta boards come with WiFi and Bluetooth. Purchase this Shield together with the Portenta H7 for full performance.


The Arduino Vision Shield is an active add-on to the Portenta family of boards.

Camera Himax HM-01B0 camera module (manufacturer site)
Resolution 320 x 320 active pixel resolution with support for QVGA
Image sensor High sensitivity 3.6μ BrightSense™ pixel technology
Microphone 2 x MP34DT05 (datasheet)
Length 66 mm
Width 25 mm
Weight 11 gr

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet Pinout

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet Schematic

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