Raspberry Pi Model B+ PI 2 Case غطاء شفاف

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 B+ / 2 / 3 صندوق حماية خارجى شفاف للراسبرى باى


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It took awhile to perfect – but that’s okay since we can now safely say that the Adafruit case for Raspberry Pi Model B+ / Pi 2 / Pi 3 is The Single Greatest Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case Ever
This enclosure was designed by Mike Doell – just like our elegant, beautiful, and functional Pi Case for Raspberry Pi Model B.  Made of ultra-durable, super-glossy polycarbonate, it is both good looking and tough enough to toss into your bookbag or toolbox. It has slim openings for all your cables, an easy-to-remove beveled slot for your Micro SD card, slots for both your Pi Camera and upcoming Display, and a space for your GPIO cable to extend out from the Pi.
The Pi snaps into the base and the lid fits snugly onto the top.  If you want to break out your Pi you can use your case without the lid and add hats to your B+ with ease.

صندوق حماية خارجى شفاف للراسبرى باى B+ / 2 / 3 حيث يحافظ على الراسبرى باى من الصدمات مع امكانيه رؤية المكونات الداخلية للوحة ومع فتحات تسهل من توصيل الكابلات للداخل.

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