Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop kit

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The official Raspberry Pi desktop kit makes it really easy to set up a Pi 4 for Python or Scratch programming, web browsing or school work. It contains a Raspberry Pi 4 clad in a protective case plus matching keyboard and mouse (all in Raspberry Red and White). You also get a high quality USB-C power supply, two display cables for connecting up HDMI monitors or TVs and a micro-SD card pre-installed with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. It also comes with an extensive Beginner’s Guide to help you get started.


Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop kit is supplied with:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (with RAM 2GB , 4GB or 8GB)
  • Raspberry Pi Keyboard & Mouse
  • 2 × micro HDMI to Standard HDMI (A/M) 1m Cables
  • Raspberry Pi 5V 3A USB-C Power Supply
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Case
  • Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide (English language)
  • 16GB NOOBS with Raspberry Pi OS microSD card
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