Vectric Photo V Carve software

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PhotoVCarve is designed to cut and engrave with CNC machines in a way that was previously possible only with high-priced laser inscriptions. In this way, the software transforms photography and image templates into excellent toolpaths, which can be run on almost all CNC milling and engraving machines. With PhotoVCarve it is possible, without any laser technology, to convert image files in first-class quality. For 2D images, the VGroove technique is used in which the brightness and contrast of the image preview are represented by notch cuts. In addition, PhotoVCarve is also ideal for making 3D lithophanes directly from a photograph or 3D objects from grayscale templates.
The application possibilities of PhotoVCarve are almost endless: From the hobby user who produces his pictures in homework to the professional engraver with elaborate industrial machines – this software has something for everyone!
In order to work with PhotoVCarve, you need the full USB version of your machine.

The highlights are:
VGroove technology
3D Lithophanes
3D grayscale technology
Intuitive user interface

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